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A Writer's Manifesto

The most important weapon in a writer's arsenal is language; wield it with skill and precision.

The writing should always speak for itself; never explain; never apologize, but always be willing to edit for clarity.

Don't worry about telling the literal truth; be true to the characters, the story, and the artistic vision.

Never consider anything finished; always look for ways to be more concise without compromising the story.

Listen to the readers; their feedback will indicate if the desired message has been conveyed.

Stop writing just prior to the point a reader is most likely to stop reading.

Avoid profanity unless no other means of expression will convey the point; if the writing is compelling, no one will miss it.

Understand that it usually takes many revisions to make the writing seem spontaneous.

Be aware that there is no such thing as realism in literature; all language is metaphorical, even when stating the facts.

Always keep in mind that it is not the writer who determines if the work is profound or relevant.

Realize that no amount of literary skill can save a piece if the writer doesn't know what needs to be said.

When all other plot points fail, kill the mother.

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